the simpsons game ps3

anyone got this game?

its brilliant, im currently on the video games level with sonic and mario and ryu lol they look nothing like them and i know its cos of legal reasons but still.

if you have it what level you on?


I'm probably going to get it when it's price drops and it's a bit cheaper. Looks like an ok game but I wasn't impressed by the demo.

SAme as arsenal fan.. will look into getting it when its a cheapy

I didnt like the demo, but my GF loved it and wants me to get it

I'll get it when it's about £15-£20

i have it on the wii, and have completed it with the help of an online guide (although it got very confusing for it was the guide for the xbox 360).

great game, and if it is the same as the wii i love the last boss you have to beat - wont tell you anymore or i'll spoil it.


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what do think of the video games level with mario and sonic and ryu?

well this is where it gets confusing as on the wii there is no mario and sonic level on the wii, do you have a level where you are timed and have to go around the worlds? as homer and bart? trying to think back now as i completed this a few weeks ago, if it is on the ps3 there is also a good second world war level where you have to collect the white flags, this level is also on the xbox360.


ahhh, this isnt the level with the old characters? you have to rescue from the old game being destroyed? this part on the wii is played by saving the old style simpsons family game cart? if it is that game, i liked this part as it was fun seeing the old characters with there funny voices.



The Simpsons Game sucks because it's not on the PC.

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theres a computer game level on the ps3 where professor fink gets kidnapped by donkey kong and you have to find him and go through mario style green pipes and theres mario and sonic lookalikes looking tired on sure theres videos on youtube somewhere

i know the level you mean, i dont remember seeing mario and sonic just mad american football players and ninjas firing at me, i was probably too busy trying not to get killed, i love the level where you play marge and lisa and have to get followers to smash all the itchy and scratcy stuff.

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