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Found 30th Nov 2014
Good evening guys! Just a quick question about selling my copy of Sims 4 (my pc is ancient and just can't do the job!) I've seen many people flogging their copies on ebay etc, but as you have to link the game/serial code to your Origin account, how does a buyer install the game on their pc? Cheers in advance everyone,

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.i heard they could purchase the code from origin/sims site but can be kind of pricey... Cheaper then buying a new copy of the game though
Okay that makes sense I guess. Just don't want to go ahead and sell mine only to have an angry buyer thinking I've done them over or something! Thanks bluedan87
The only way would be to give out your account details to my knowledge I can't say I would trust people with that info.
It's odd. Cex even buy & sell Sims 4, I'm sure there's a simple answer here, I'm just not getting it oO
Cex only buy it as a sealed item for the fact they can't sell it and tell the customer to pay for a code again they wouldn't be happy I had to explain that to a customer today
Ok, thanks again bluedan
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