The Singer, what do you think?

Found 28th Nov 2017
This is a 22 year old Khazakstan singer in a Chinese contest,I was sent the link to his video, his vocal range is amazing.

The first one is French but so, so good.In the competition he did songs in English, French,Russian,Mandarin, Khazak and Italian
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Very good.

The young man dressed as an OAP and Sharon Osborne were a surprise audience though.
Hopefully he gets the Christmas No.1 in the UK and then he'll probably slip into obscurity like all the rest.
Years later he'll be a question on a quiz show.

Rinse and repeat.
The harp player that produces notes sounding like a piano is quite talented too.
Wow, just wow.
Not a patch on this guy..

Sounds like a girl, great voice.
Meh, not bad.
splatsplatsplat3 h, 0 m ago

Not a patch on this guy..[Video]

What the heck, have you tried doing what he does with his tongue when he's singing (without laughing)?! How does he do it?! At least he's original though and kind of warming to this as well to be honest. Think I prefer this than what the OP posted to be honest. It's more fun.
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