The Square Enix Christmas Surprise Revealed

    The Square Enix Christmas Surprise has now been revealed!
    Are you happy with the outcome?

    For £4.99 what else can you ask for


    Original Poster

    Would have liked that FF to be in the bundle....

    Great deal.

    Nice. I preordered but I haven't received anything.

    Delighted with Thief and Murdered! I've already got DE, but I'm very happy with 5/6 new games for a fiver.

    I haven't received anything too. Great box! ^^

    Same here. No codes yet.


    Same here. No codes yet.

    Check your SE account. There is a button "Christmas_Box_2014_button". Click it and get your cods ^^

    no codes yet here either

    Have no email and can not see a button on any page for the life of me.

    thanks just noticed my email

    I'm very happy as have none of these. Great price!

    Not worth £5, not doing it again next year.

    Godlikezebra: not worth five pounds?? Are you for real?? A great bargain, far surpassing last years box which I also enjoyed. Ill be an annual buyer of this deal if it becomes a tradition.

    was happy with mine wanted murdered and thief but was always waiting for em to go cheap bought ff3 too
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