Found 20th Jan 2009
The identity of Top Gear's mysterious Stig has been one of the best kept secrets in television.

But after years of intense public curiosity it has been revealed that he is a 33-year-old racing driver from Bristol.

Ben Collins is the mystery man behind the white mask, a former American NASCAR, Formula 3 driver and Daniel Craig stunt double.

Famed for his on-the-limit driving style, the Stig's identity is normally protected because he never removes his trademark white helmet or racing suit and never talks on camera.

However, the secret apparently came out when a Bristol newspaper ran a story claiming that Collins was at a Bristol photo studio where limited-edition prints of the Stig were being produced.

The media has long known who the Stig is but has refrained from revealing his true identity. A Top Gear spokesman said: "We never comment on speculation as to who or what The Stig is."

Rumour has it that if the Stig's identity was ever revealed the driver could be sacked from Top Gear. The original Stig, Perry McCarthy, was launched off an aircraft carrier and 'killed' after his identity was revealed.

In 2007, Ben Collins wrote a series of stunt-driving articles for MSN Cars.

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Tell us something we don't know :thumbsup:

This is old news...


Worst kept secret ever. The Ben Collins rumours have been knocking about for years.

And this isn't even confirmed, it's just ANOTHER Ben Collins rumour that has made it into the papers.

Also, it's not just one driver, it's loads depending on what they are using him for. For example, when he drover the Renault F1 car, it was Heikki Kovalinen.

This has been on the net since a while that Collins was the Stig

I thought I was the stig, but then I remembered I can't drive and it was all just a dream.

It was a widely spread rumour until the report into Hammond's crash listed Ben Collins as a "Driving Advisor to the show" or something like that.

I also know that someone from the race-suit manufacturer admitted to who he'd made the suit for but that's internet hearsay at best

Bear in mind that the ENTIRE idea of him being 'secret' is that it's not always Ben. He's replaced if he's busy - some manufacturers will insist on their own drivers for rare/in development cars and for things like the 'Stig on the Tube' feature they can put anyone in the racing suit and save some money

also just released - apparently the world is round

A friend of mine did some work on a shoot and there were 2 stigs but he didnt know who either of them were,

The Stig isn't one person, he changes weekly, its whoever they can get at the time of the shoot and what type of cars they are testing.

Simple as,

Over the years they have had everyone from Damon Hill in the suit to Benetton F1 Test drivers.
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