The story game

Since there is loads of games on here thought i would add my own.

All you do it read the sentance above and add a sentace to it that makes sence to make a long story.

e.g - Me: once up on a time there were three friends
you: Who decided to go for a walk through the woods one day
someone else: while walking through the woods the seen

I think you get the picture

beginning of story in next post

If you dont likemy threds then dont post in them ruining it for everyone else, find someone elses thred to ruin not mine!


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Once there was a girl who was bored and looking on the internet one day when she came across

and became addicted and decided to see what real addiction was all about

Original Poster

So she started looking at all the deal and compition threads and before she knew it....


she was hooked...the website was more addictive than..

jolly ranchers especially the red one that taste like soap ...

however, this girl had a very deep, dark and sinister secret...


she was secretly looking to buy...

(where the HELL have you been boy?????)


wear those instead of any of her other pairs, so she could get away...

Original Poster

All the scary people that were...

would very soon wish that they had

Original Poster

They relized what she offered was...


had eaten with dry crackers

herself had crushed

gasping to quench her thirst she


an ice cold glass of Ribena, sugar free juice that made her

Original Poster

Go and take a nap but...


choked and died

Original Poster

The she came back as a zombie and...
dont ruin my threads

Horribly killed Will Smith, then

Original Poster

Laughed evily and went in search of more bad famous people, then she came across....

a sheperd herding some cows, looking baffled he mumbled

“You’re looking rough, dear. You should try that age reversals stuff they have on the telly.” And she replied...

Do you think i look like a person who needs that, i am

“...or rather was, before I became a zombie, devastatingly beautiful. But now...”

i am floomin' ugly. All I need to make me beautiful again is the kiss of.....

“An angel, and quickly before any more of me ‘bits’ fall off.” The shepherd...

then told the, previously devastatingly beautiful but now, floomin' ugly, will smith mudering, gold dipped sprinkle chocolate eating, sugar-free ribena drinking zombie that he knew the whereabouts of an angel. But this angel....

was locked in a tower surrounded by fire and the only means of saving this princess was to

(lets move on from the woman to more interesting characters that can be developed!!!!)

Ask prince charming to ride his horse to the tower to fight the dragon who sourounded the princess in flames. But

alas, Prince Charming had mysteriously disappeared 3 days ago while exploring the lands of...

travel to tk maxx and rescue this prince charming. So she jumped out of her window, slid down the dragons back and....

slice him to she did the dragon let out a mighty roar that alerted the prince during his discount shopping....

the prince started to run out of tk maxx forgetting *ahem* that he hadn't paid for any of his items. This sounded the alarm and he was captured by the security guards...

but they were not really security gaurds they were in dress up and stripped for him to "iv got the power" from bruce all mighty! down to g.string thongs !!! .... he said ...



The she came back as a zombie and...:p dont ruin my threads

(wasnt ruining it any pro writer could have made a dream sequence out of that lol)



but they were not really security gaurds they were in dress up and … but they were not really security gaurds they were in dress up and stripped for him to "iv got the power" from bruse all mighty! down to g.string thongs !!! .... he said ...

'hey what are you going to do with that....'

and they said...'hut it and get in the back of the van, we are taking u to..'


see the ice queen... (:p lol)
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