The Story of my RUBBISH C905, please read if you have one or thinking about one

Found 13th Aug 2009
A few months ago my phone started to have faults like the rattling of the speaker in the ear etc. So i decided to take it to my local o2 store to have it sent away and repaired.

They sent it away and as it was going to take more days to repair it they sent a brand new pne with the latest software etc:…em/

So anyway, i did think i wasn't going to have any more wrong was I

The "new" phone developed the same fault and i had to send it back. I got my phone back within a few days saying that it had been repaired...great nothing will go wrong now !
a week down the line the ear piece rattles and the phone was crashing etc, so i immediatly took it back to the store. They sent it off and its now been 3 weeks that its been away.
This is when the fun started...not !!

I called o2 customer services (repairs) and a guy called Jimmy told me to the tell the store this:
"tell them that they need to put in an escalation and as its been away for so long, a list of the same value handsets back.
So that email was sent away 3 days ago, and they got a reply saying ok i can choose other handsets.
The list on it was rubbish so the o2 shop pinged it back to them saying the customer is not happy and wants a phone to the same level as an 8.1. he said it would take 24hrs.
Tuesday i phoned up and he said he had not recieved a reply and to phone back today and he would speak to me then and he would also send me the list by email
Its not tday and the little naff is off, now there is a surprise !!!

I was funming earlier and demanded the store phone him and ask where (at least) my email was. The guy said that he was going to send it as soon as he gets it blah blah blah.
So its now thursday and the story contiues tomorrow

So if anyone has a C905 please do not buy it, there is a known issue now and stores should not been selling them.

EDIT: Ok its not friday. The lad called me today at 10am, they also had a meeting this morning. he said that no one had been in contact so he sent an email off to someone else..... he also said they dont have telephone numbers only email address, i find this very untrue i think.
Anyway he called me again at 2pm to say that he had had word and that they were looking at the issue.
I have to call back at 5pm........

Ok called back at 5pm, they are offering to put my "priority" for a C905..what a load of Cra*. Or if i want the Samsung Tocco Blue i can have that,
Or i can wait for the main list to still come back with other possible handsets....

What will i do lol
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Yeh theres been a LOT of problems with thearly c905's. They were supposed to be fixed now.
Did you buy it from a shop?
Im a bit worried cos ive just bought 1 off here and when i was speaking to my mum, the ear piece started sounding really tinny so i turned the volume down.
Only had it about a week and dont know what i can do if it goes wrong cos i bought it privately.
A m8 said get some phone insurance then people on here said its not worth it.
I dont know what will be covered on the phone if i DO get insurance??
See if your insurance will giev you a new phone not a rfurbished one.

I will NEVER get a C905 ever again....there is soo many faults and ericsson cant be bothered
making sure its fixed.
I dont have any insurance, i was just thinking about getting some but dont know if it will cover me for the things that go wrong with the c905
Unfortunately i dont have a receipt or anything as i bought it off here 2nd hand (altho it was brand new).
Would i still be covered n who do i go to if it goes wrong?
Mine says (amongst other numbers and letters), 09W18.
Does that mean its 1 of the new ones and will HOPEFULLY be ok?
Mine is a 09W11 and have not had a problem at all.
You only get to hear of the faults. what about all the 1000's that are trouble free ??
these people don't come on web sites moaning !!!

just saying :whistling:

You two above with 09 models what memory card did you get? My sister for … You two above with 09 models what memory card did you get? My sister for a 09 with a 2GB card.

story continued at top
omg cant agree more, I had this phone, and the speaker went too, it would only let me talk to hear someone if I put it on loud speaker!!!
yep, dont think ill ever get a C905 ever again
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