The Sun £9.50 holidays - help needed

Found 28th Jan 2009
Has anybody been able to change a date with Haven this year? We were lucky enough to get a 4 night in Lincolnshire on priority booking, then sent off the form for a 2nd break. They have "thoughtfully" allocated us the weekend before in Cornwall. Cornwall to Lincolnshire works out about 7.5 hours driving on a clear run!!

Tried to ring Haven they said they can't change anything, and I have to ring The Sun - their helpline doesn't open til March and categorically states no changes or amendments.

Have read on other posts that changes were possible - would just like some advice as a little later in the year would be wonderful - 2 short breaks - just a little more spreadout!!

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The helpline in Colchester is very helpful, friendly staff. I was able to change something (too senile to remember exactly what as it was a few years ago) but they did all they could to help so if you can't get any joy i'm sure they will sort something out.
I've just managed to change my dates.... mind I had to ring 4 times before I got any joy. Kept being told that it couldn't be changed. Anyway rang on 08712301908. I was told there would normally be a £20 admin fee but because I was booking an upgrade also they wouldn't charge me.

I think you jsut have to be persistant.

Good Luck
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