The sun legoland codes

Posted 23rd Apr 2023
Hi, just wondering if anyone has the sun legoland code for yesterday Saturday 22nd?
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  1. RdkSbl's avatar
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    This was the code I got for Sunday too. I thought they were random and individual to each paper purchased. Maybe this isn't the case
  2. imnot.hayleigh's avatar
    I have a spare code for today if anyone wants it
    Courtney_g18's avatar
    Yes please 
  3. xCobehx's avatar
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    Please could you post it 🙏😁
  4. Zooma123's avatar
    Can someone post the codes for yesterday and today.. maybe one can use the codes multiple times?
  5. leehardacre's avatar
    Could I please get Sunday's code too?
  6. TopBargainer's avatar
    Same here aswel please 🙏
  7. mjjgirlie's avatar
    Hi. I missed today and yesterday's code. Anyone have any to spare? Happy to buy an extra paper tomorrow and the next day to share a code back.
  8. byndara1988's avatar
    Does anyone has 2 spare codes? I could pay
  9. carina.kelly's avatar
    does anybody have yesterdays code? i have todays from the paper.

  10. blackbeauty188's avatar
    Does anyone have any spare codes at all thanks 
  11. Jay_KlF0's avatar
    Yes today is 6J57 OTJX
  12. Jay_KlF0's avatar
    Any codes?
  13. Natalie_Tomlin's avatar
    I need a code from Saturday/Sunday or Mondays paper please if available, I just need the 1 to catch up
    WJ_WOO's avatar
    9A8T9GGE this is the Sunday code and it seems to still work. I just tried it a few minutes ago. Good luck
  14. paul.bailey's avatar
    Hey does anyone have a spare code for today's please?
  15. WJ_WOO's avatar
    hey, I have got a spare code for 24th :92CRGJF7, another one is for 26th April :80XJ 2WE7.
    Hope they are useful for some one. I am looking for a code for Tuesday 25th please if anyone can help?
    Many Thanks.
    Jay_KlF0's avatar
    Both dont work
  16. Christie_Crowie's avatar
    Has anyone any spare codes please 🤞
  17. KMS_TV's avatar
    Hi. Has anyone got any spares codes. I've been I'll and only just well enough to leave house again and missed all the codes so far. Would love to take my son. Thank you
  18. Katarina_K's avatar
    I have a code for today and yesterday. Does anyone have a code for either Monday Tuesday or Wednesday please?
    Victoria_Ellison's avatar
    I can swap you a code for todays
  19. Kasienka's avatar
    Does anyone have a code for 22 April and 28 April please?
  20. 1ks's avatar
    Anyone willing to share their spare codes please inbox me. Much obliged.
  21. deleted2925705's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Does anyone have code for 28th please?
    imnot.hayleigh's avatar
    I have today's if u need it
  22. charsxo's avatar
    Hey, has anyone got a code for yesterday the 28th?xxx
  23. D_Harris's avatar
    Has anyone got a code for today 29th and Monday 24th?
  24. Bethmac123's avatar
    Hi does anyone have a code for Friday 28th please. Thank you so much x
  25. marie.williams's avatar
    Hi does anyone have a spare code for the 29th April ?
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