The Surgeon

    A father and his son are out driving one day. They are in a car crash and the father is killed outright. The son is badly injured and needs surgery to save his life.
    He is taken to the nearest hospital and wheeled into surgery where the surgeon is waiting. The surgeon looks at the boy and says "I can't operate on him. He is my son"!!
    How can this be?


    its an old one this but made me think again so i wont post the answer as not to spoil it

    Because the father in the crash isn't his father but has offspring?.

    Or the Surgeon is God?

    the surgeon is his mother. Cool - i've never been first on one of these before:)

    the surgeon is his mum

    Is the mother the surgeon?

    Original Poster

    Cheers ding! :thumbsup:
    Well done, all. You've proved that not everyone is narrow minded and sexist and assumes the surgeon is a man!! ;-)
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