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Found 17th Nov 2017
I don't really watch TV or have kept up with them over the past few years, so bare with me.

Am I right or wrongin thinking the Fire Stick or any other plug in device effectively gives you all the features of a 'Smart TV'?

What does one miss out on by not buying a Smart TV but plugging in a Chromecast or Fire etc?
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The main advantage is that it's integrated.

That can matter to some people, the amount of ****ing around we had to do to hide the Fire TV was ridiculous because my mum hated seeing the wires.

There can also be the odd advantage, for example, some Samsung TVs have the microphone input.

Allot of TVs now a 'smart' anyway.

That said, I prefer addons because I find 'smart' devices can lose support (happened to me in the past), they slow down or my requirements change and it's cheaper to replace.

There have also been concerns over spying by the OEM such as Vizio in the US.
A device like a fire stick is better in my my opinion. If you are watching something on catch up on an smart TV and want to quickly watch something on libe TV there is no quick way to watch TV and go back to where you are with on demand, actually its quick to go to live TV, but could take a minute or two to go back through all the smart menus to get back to the thing you were watching on catch up. With a fire stick you would just switch sources on the TV remote taking all of two seconds.
Well you don't get any of the functionality that's dependant on the tuners such as program recording but it is mostly the same.

The main thing you miss out on by buying a new non-smart TV is picture quality, as they're the bottom of the range models.
The plus of Smart with "Freeview Play" is an easy one remote experience, just backup in the EPG to find programs that were on earlier and are available for catchup.

Apps are generally much better on another device as the set available on most smart TV platforms is limited
Font get a smart tv. Get the best tv and add smart features via, Amazon firestick/box, chromecast etc
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