The the the the kingsssssss Speech.

    Was just ready to watch it & turned it off after 2 minutes.I hate those Posh almost Opera Films.Gets great reviews but not for me.Guess I just watch the Roulette ball go round & round on Channel 5 Tonight.


    Went with a group of 6 and we all loved it.

    It was quite dull but I gave it a chance.

    If I wanted to watch a man stumble through his lines for 2 hours though I'd of had more fun watching an extended live episode of Eastenders, where Phil Mitchell is played by Gareth Gates.

    Love history, love this film.........:p

    OP watch Rabbit (102 F.view) instead... the love of your life could be but a text away!

    Great film. Didnt give it long enough at 2 minutes

    I gave it chance, but it still bored me.

    LOVED IT!!! amazingly well acted and a fantastic film!!


    I hate those Posh almost Opera Films

    You sound like a bit of an idiot saying stuff like that. In what way is it 'operatic' (to use the right term)?

    Giving a film only 2 minutes is also fairly stupid.
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