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Found 27th Oct 2017
This is probably a silly question but there is a website called “The Trainline”. Some of there trains for now, November and early December are really cheap in comparison to mid December. I was guessing this was due to Christmas however I have also looked at prices in January aswell as some in early February and they are very expensive. I am hoping that they are new and will drop in price but am unsure.

I have three questions:

1) Do train ticket prices on that website get cheaper or will they only remain at that price or increase in price? (Is it possible for the price to change for cheaper.)

2) How do you find the cheapest train ticket?

3) Where else is a reputable place to buy cheap but genuine train tickets?
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Train tickets here There is no "booking fee" with this site, as there is with

Try to buy singles rather than returns. Quite often it can work out cheaper.

Try splitting tickets into singles.…ts/

If you know you're travelling in the future, try booking well in advance. I think you can book upto 12 weeks in advance. These will be cheaper than booking on the day.
I would love to see the Trainlines pricing algorithm, its witchcraft. My tip is check both standard and 1st class tickets, every now and again 1st is cheaper than standard.
Welcome to the mysterious world of railway ticketing.
To answer your question " Do ticket prices get cheaper?", yes sometimes they do.
I've noticed that when tickets first appear, about 3 months ahead, many are initially full price but after a few weeks some of them suddenly drop. Exactly when and by how much depends on the route, the train company, the time of day, etc, there are no hard and fast rules.
So my advice is to book fairly early, but don't book too early.
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