The Traveler IQ Challenge-How well do you know your world map

    Has anyone ever seen this before its quite adictive and fun.
    It asks you where a country is and the closer you get to the mark, the longer you stay in the game
    Let me know which level you get to.


    level 5 23833

    im off to try again!!


    Level 4

    Trying again...bloody thing!

    level 6 iq 89


    132465 - did better than i thought i would thoughLevel 5Traveler IQ 88

    i beat u my IQ is 89

    Tripadvisor have a smilar game...very good.

    Level 6. IQ91.

    final go!

    185328 points
    Level 6
    Traveler IQ 93

    Back to work....

    94135 - on many i got the saying.... hello this is earth you know .... lol - well I did only get a grade 5 pass in geography !

    Level 8
    Traveller IQ 100
    Score 260,626

    Level 9 is a nightmare. I ended up just clicking anywhere on the map :lol:
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