The True WII Fitness Test (WII FIT)2008


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New Wii Accessories

Wii Fit looks awesome.

Looks brilliant!

The wife's already bugging me to buy this for her!

Any idea on a release date,or price yet?

Thanks in advance!

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just says 2008

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Wii Software Release Date

Big Brain Academy for Wii (Nintendo) 20th July 2007
King Of Clubs (Oxygen Games) 20th July 2007
William Pinball Classics (System 3) July 2007
Transformers The Game (Activision) July 2007
Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Nintendo / Atlus) 10th August 2007
Tamagotchi Party On! (Namco Bandai Games) August 2007
California Games (System 3) August 2007
Alien Syndrome (SEGA) 7th September 2007
Super Paper Mario (Nintendo) 14th September 2007
Dragon Blade: Wrath Of Fire (D3Publisher of Europe) 14th September 2007
World Championship Poker Featuring Howard Lederer: All In Wii (505Games) 21st September 2007
Brunswick Bowling Pro (505Games) September 2007
Cosmic Family (Ubisoft) September 2007
My Word Coach (Ubisoft) September 2007
Ratatouille (THQ) Q3 2007
Toot & Puddle: Call Of The North (Zoo Digital Publishing) Q3 2007
8 Ball All Stars (Oxygen Games) 1st October 2007
C.I.D 925: An Ordinary Life (Oxygen Games) 19th October 2007
Crash Of The Titans (Vivendi Games) 12th October 2007
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo) 26th October 2007
High School Musical (Disney Interactive Studio) October 2007
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (SEGA) Christmas 2007
Spyro: Enter The Night (Vivendi Games) 2nd November 2007
Ben 10 (D3 Publisher of Europe) 30th November 2007
NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams (SEGA) November 2007
Ferrari Challenge (System 3) November 2007
Forever Blue (tentative title) (Nintendo)
(US title: Endless Ocean) Q4 2007
Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) Q4 2007
Battalion Wars 2 (tentative title) (Nintendo) Q4 2007
Pokémon Battle Revolution (Nintendo) Q4 2007
Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity (Game Factory) Q4 2007
Legend Of The Dragon (Game Factory) Q4 2007
Cocoto Funfair (Neko Entertainment) Q4 2007
Sea Monsters (Nat Geo) (Zoo Digital Publishing) Q4 2007
Surf’s Up (Ubisoft) Summer / Autumn 2007
Dewy’s Adventure (Konami) Autumn 2007
Project Treasure Island Z (Capcom) Autumn 2007
Brother In Arms (Ubisoft) Autumn 2007
Horsez (Ubisoft) Autumn 2007
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Ubisoft) Autumn 2007
The Golden Compass (SEGA) Christmas 2007
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom) 2007My Sims (EA) 2007
Wii Fitness (Nintendo) 2008Mario Kart Wii (tentative title) (Nintendo) 2008
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) 2008

wow i have to get that
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