The Twilight books? (maybe second hand?!)

    Bit of a weird one this, my girlfriend loves reading but hasn't ever read the Twilight books (and I've heard they're worth good?) - but oddly, she prefers second hand books since they're 'easier to read' or something.

    I wanted to get a book for her, either the collection or just one or two of the first ones or something, but don't even know where to begin, I don't read at all, and genuinely... I wouldn't even know where to start to buy the collection like this.

    Any recommendations please!? Thanks!


    Check out they have a set of all three for pretty cheap - loads of discount codes around as well

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    Many thanks, that seems to be the ones tied in with the films though - she hasn't seen the films either so I was kinda hoping just to get the original books I think!

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    Final bump (sorry!) - just wanted to get it ordered.

    As per Crow99, you can get the first 3 from the book people for £6. Sure you can fine a code on here for free delivery. Don't know what you mean by you want to get the original books? These are the books the films are based on as I've read them, they've just recently changed the covers to show the film characters but are still the same storys inside.

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    Thank you so much guys, really appreciate it. Tempted by the £6 ones (can't find a free delivery code) but I'm sad to say I'm almost tempted to spend the extra £2 just because they don't have stupid Robert Pattinson on them
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