The two best sale days of the year have the worst timing

Found 26th Dec 2017
I really don't like how two of the three best sale days of the year take place right
after major nights of drinking. Who seriously wakes up bright and
early on boxing day or new year's day and is willing to spend time shopping around outside?
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Are there still sales starting on New Years Day? I thought they were a thing of the past, superseded by the Boxing Day sales?
Simple answer...Don't drink
Can't have a cake and eat it
No hangover for me this year *smug face*
No hangover here either. As for sales I think it's smoke and mirrors. It's a time for shops to shift rubbish at a similar price to other sales days that are spread over the year. It's not cheap and not a bargain if you don't really need it.
Not everyone has to get stoned to enjoy xmas
mattsk49 m ago

Simple answer...Don't drinkCan't have a cake and eat it

That's an interesting phrase
steve.t4 m ago

Not everyone has to get stoned to enjoy xmas

No, some people have to get drunk to tolerate xmas.
Going outside to shop, that's hilarious
Proof that marketing still works in 2017
Got dragged around Leeds today and with the exception of next potentially, most other stores sales wasn't anything special, can usually achieve similar at other times of the year without the hassle of climbing over people in stores.
The sales are just full of crap that no one wanted at full's still crap with a tenner off
Best sales days for the shops maybe

You have to wait until the average Joe who doesn't know a real deal from his armpit stops sales shopping before they'll actually reduce things properly to clear them.
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