The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping.

    I've always associated dropshipping with scams and get rich quick schemes but these days most of the top retailers do it. For example, I recently bought a 32GB card for my camera from Argos along with several other items. The other items were delivered the same day but the memory card took four days to be delivered. This is because Argos don't stock that particular card, they dropship it. The same thing happened when I bought a bed from Tesco last year.

    I was checking out the company where my card was coming from and found a link to an interesting article about dropshipping. The article is at…ing if anyone is interested in reading it.

    Has anyone here ever dropshipped before? Did it work for you?


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    Amongst the previous threads...[ … Amongst the previous threads...[ ] <- 8 years ago[ ] <- 7 years ago[ ] <- 18 months ago

    Thanks for that, I'd not seen those. But they are old threads and things may have moved on since then, as we all know the internet moves at a fast pace a lot of the time. Interesting reading though, I'll have another look later. Thanks.
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