"The Vendor Rule Bases disallow this card range."

Posted 7th Sep 2010
Trying to buy something from shopto and keep getting this error?
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It means "Thank You for giving us your credit card details, one of our staff members will have a nice time with them"

Nah not really i have no idea, maybe their system is messed up.
It may be something to do with the type of business category shopto is listed as -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Category_Code
Some credit/debit cards particularly company cards dont allow purchases from particular types of suppliers (e.g. porn suppliers / gambling sites) especially if you are under a certain age.
Check with your card supplier.
Can't you go via paypal?
Haha, just great, wanted to get Gears of Wars 2 GOTY XBOX 360 which was £10.85 at shopto but because of this stupid error, decided to wait till morning and well it's now out of stock. :@
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