The wanderer returns!

    Just to let you know that I am back from hols! Those of you who saw my car trouble thread the week before last will know how close I was to NOT going at all! To top all the previous troubles I had to have a new catalytic converter too-a total of £365, but it was worth it because its a good car (Renault megane scenic), and it has driven well up and down mountains, in the pouring rain in the Lake District! To anyone who has been considering the lakes as a holiday but wasn't sure, I can honestly recommend it- the scenery was magnificent, the food fantastic and the weather-well.beautiful when it was sunny, and WET when it wasnt!! And I mean WET!!
    Anyway- I am back and rested now for anyone who is interested!!!


    Welcome home x

    Welcome back!


    Welcome home x x

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the welcome folks!:thumbsup:

    Welcome back.
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