the wanders

    The wanders was a tv series on about seven years ago. it was basically a comedy about aliens who came to earth to study how we lived,

    does anybody know if there is anywhere that i can get hold of a copy???



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    You mean the … You mean the wanderers....?!8741&keyword=The+Wanderers&match_type=

    there are various cd's etc and even a film of the same name
    unfortunately this was an one off TV series - and seem unable to find it anywhere - thanks for your help thou.

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    thank you there are various cds and even a film of the same name??
    but unfortunately this was a tv series and seem unable to find it

    I'll have another look mate. You want to download or purchase, or both?

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    either do not mind - thanks for your help


    That is region 1 though, So make sure your dvd player is region free (You could always use a pc and re-encrypt as region free for a dvd player....)

    Thank you - but unfortunately this is not the one, as far as i know it
    was only shown on uk tv,

    many thanks for your help thou

    I've just been on the ] and no luck there either and that is normally the best place to look....
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