The Wire Or The Sopranos

    Both are very similarly priced (£50) and I fancy something good to watch over Xmas.

    I watched the first ever episode of The Wire on BBC2 back when they started showing it but it didn't capture me immediately so I didn't watch another. Never seen an episode of The Sopranos.

    Which would you recommend and why?


    Sopranos by miles.
    Best series I've seen in years.


    The Wire by miles.
    Best series I've seen in years.

    Sopranos :thumbsup:

    Sopranos - best tv ever

    The Wire all day

    The Wire :thumbsup:

    the dandy p;7059618

    The Wire by miles.Best series I've seen in years.

    Thats plagiarism you bounder!

    Sopranos without doubt.



    My two favourite shows. Hard to pick. But Sopranos probably shades it. Consistently good with the right blend of drama, violence and humour.

    Even the most diehard fans of the wire must agree that, for many, it takes a few episodes to get hooked and that the fifth and final season wasn't as great, although i loved Chris & Snoop

    Original Poster



    Thanks for the opinions guys, am gonna go with The Sopranos.

    I havent seen the Wire but the Sopranos is excellent.

    I watched them all back to back over the summer.
    1-3 episodes a night.
    I actually miss it now:oops:


    :pThanks for the opinions guys, am gonna go with The Sopranos.

    Wrong choice

    The Wire is the second best TV show of all time
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