Wierd question but can anyone identify a song just from a few lyrics. Been trying to find a song that was played on ''The Wonder Years'' on ITV 4 its not on the soundtrack because of music rights issues. The song in question replaced another song called ''Jamaica Say You Will ''by Jackson Browne. The episode is called ''The Lake''
    Below is a link to the scene.…jLs

    The Lyrics are as follows '' all we'll ever have may be what we share tonight, the futures promised to no one, so stay with me in paradise''

    I know this is a bit random and i probably shouldnt be posting it here, but after emailing itv and asking loads of people i dont know where to go next. Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp !!!!!!!!!!!


    Might be dead wrong but,
    Dune - Can't Stop Raving ?
    Lyrics picked that up on Google

    I used to love that program.
    I've got them all downloaded somewhere, but I assume that won't be of any help.

    The link you posted appears to have Jackson Brown in the background.
    So that song was the original and your link goes to the original.

    So they are replaying the programme with different backing music on it?
    I don't suppose you have alink to the new part do you?
    Is it a male or female singer?

    By the way, before I posted, it said there were two comments in here, but I don't see them.

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    Sorry , my brother in-law has it on his sky plus box but thats it. Its a male singer with peter gabriel type vocals, it may even be peter gabriel. They are replaying the episodes with some different music due to licensing laws, this is why The Wonder Years has never been released as a box set on DVD.

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    Might be dead wrong but,Dune - Can't Stop Raving ?Lyrics picked that up … Might be dead wrong but,Dune - Can't Stop Raving ?Lyrics picked that up on Google

    Thanks for trying but no its not that song, have tried typing the lyrics into many a search engine with no success. The song i'm looking for is a slow love song.

    so the song playing in the link is not the song you're looking for but the lyrics you posted are from the song you're looking for

    i googled the lyrics and it threw up nothing at all, so im out lol

    are you sure those are the lyrics
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    I googled and can't find it, though I found a lot of entries asking about it.
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    Thanks everyone, seems i'm destined never to find this song, doh !

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    will try and upload the video with the music i'm after

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    only thing is how do i get it off my sky plus box onto the internet ?

    I would be interested in seeing, or at least hearing, that, but I have no idea how you would do it.

    You said you wrote to ITV but I think Channel Four were involved, must've read that in my googling?


    only thing is how do i get it off my sky plus box onto the internet ?

    no idea , I'm not at all techie, but could you video it on a mobile phone then upload that? (by pointing the phone at the tv, not by wires!)
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    cheers guys, yeah will try recording it with a mobile and then uploading via that to my PC. Quality wont be great but its better than nothing
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