The Works In Administration

I was in today buying a book when I saw that there was notice at the counter saying that The Works was in Administration .

I can't seem to find this mentioned anywhere on the net or even the website , but this could well have only happened this week . Only downside is if The Works does close the only shop selling books where I live is WHSmith


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Shame, but I have noticed plenty of other companies opening where our local Works are that have been using the same business model making the market a lot more difficult for The Works to operate in.

Gutted...really like this shop and often buy not only books from there.

Be sad if we loose them from the high street.

Well, the Administrators will obviously try and keep it going - I guess the best thing any loyal customer can do is go for a shop!!

Maybe keep an eye out for bargains if Administrators try to cut their losses...

Do they own The Card Factory or not?


Do they own The Card Factory or not?

I've got a feeling they might do

That's a shame, especially if this involved Card Factory as I think they are one of the best card shops around. Another company who took over a struggling company, and are now struggling themselves. Surely other companies must be very wary at the moment of taking on any extra financial burden.

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Anyone know who has bought them ? I was reading a news article published just over a week ago saying that there was 1 private buyer and 5 private equity firms interested.
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