The World's Biggest Zit...

    Can anyone actually watch this video to the end?

    I've managed to watch 1 min & 15 secs of it but I couldn't watch any more! I actually feel sick :-/…VTY


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    yes I have seen it. and it isnt a spot, its a sebaceous cyst
    the stuff coming out is real, its called sebum and of course blood!!

    my brother popped one once on my dads back (dad has since died, though not as a result of anything my brother did)

    minging thing - it really smelled disgusting! my dad was chuffed though cos it had been causing him a lot of pain

    That was posted to my facebook about a month ago i felt sick for the rest of the day
    But yes in answer toyour question i did watch it all !!!

    Double cheese burger...... but go easy on the mayo.. from now on !!

    can't get past around 2.5 mins - i'll watch it properly on my big pc later

    haha; its really cringy but i lol'd sooo much.

    search zit on you-tube it comes up with loads but there is a bloke with one on the side of his chin that is sick:shock::oops:

    search 'botfly' that is worse




    search 'botfly' that is worse]

    Wow... Unreal...



    "Cottage cheese" lol

    i bet he feels better without that bad-boy hitchin a ride on his back like.

    Oh damn, I'm off my lunch now...

    thats great never had one that big before, lol,

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    I daren't even click the link, which is quite easy, cos I never click … I daren't even click the link, which is quite easy, cos I never click links on here,lol

    Chicken lol. Not that I can talk :-D

    Well I ain't watching the rest of the video, stuff that!



    i actually gagged
    that was disgusting

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    I've just shown it to my dad & he watched the whole thing like it was nothing. After it had finished he asked where the snake was. I was confused until he pointed to the box at the top of the screen.

    He was actually waiting for a snake to come out of the zit lol :roll:
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