The worlds craziest roads!



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    Whats the point of the first one ?
    good images though

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    god knows, just a fancy bridge by the looks of it!

    Cool pics....wonder why number 1 & 7 have the loops in, seems no reason that I can see.

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    No idea for 1 but I think 7 is a rise in altitude to get up a higher cliff so they didn't have to blast through it?

    Haha, nice pics. I bet there's some fun roads out there to drive on. I personally love driving along the long, windy (but not overly) roads on the Isle of Wight. Nothing but beautiful scenery and one hell of a feel good sensation!

    There's a very short road right round the corner that has to be one of the worst residential roads you can drive on. It's straight but mother of god I cannot believe the amount of cracks, potholes, bumps and the unevenness. If you do any more than 10mph you're guaranteed to need new suspension! I've seen the council re-lay roads that appear to be just fine but leave some atrocious roads that a rally driver would say no to driving on.

    Love to drive on some of them, They look so much fun!

    [CENTER][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=7]NOW GO DRIVE!:w00t:[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    hi, great pics, are they all overseas?

    may make a decent world rally event!


    Some of them really don't look too safe :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:
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