Brilliant Ducky - that really made me laugh!! :lol:

Hahaha! thats hilarious.


Fantastic .... rofl :-D

mint !!!! haha

Can't get this now - think we may have crashed their website!! :lol:

Original Poster

The Sun is advertising it too. All over the internet this link, lol.

Nice one ducky Or should that be nasty one :?


Page unavailable!

Oh nuts! I wanted to play it!

[SIZE=2][COLOR=blue]awesome Ducky[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I can't get it working. Do you think the demand is just too high!?

That worked! Thanks Ray! Love the sound effects!

[COLOR=navy]There's another here:[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Zidane Game 2[/COLOR]


[COLOR=navy]Four goes to get this which I'm sure someone will beat pretty fast[/COLOR]

[SIZE=2]Ditto! Thanks Ray![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I've always modelled myself on ZZ as a footballer, I never made it to be as good as him, but now I can.......kinda! [/SIZE]

Original Poster

I got 5262 on my 3rd butt Rayman!! :lol:

You what!!!!! I managed to get 3721 my highest, that was once only too.

[SIZE=2]Just shows how useless I am at those things eh :roll:[/SIZE]

Original Poster

I think it was just a fluke.

Update, i got 5294 knocking out the wall on my way to the goal, i'm sad.

hehe, 1562 I got on third attempt couldnt be bothered to prove it though!!

I believe you nrps
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