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    The Zimmers. The feature of an absolutely brilliant documentary.

    This is a group of old people who are stuck in care homes and poorly treated, not left their tower blocks for years and are having the heart of their social life ripped out by the big corporate companies who just need to keep shareholders happy.

    They assembled, for one afternoon only, at Abbey Road studios to record and release their very own Rock Song. Not just any old rock song though, but a cover of The Who's "My Generation".

    The old preople really did enjoy their day. It seemed from the documentary and the press interviews that they have done that they had a really good time and it filled them with hope, inspiration, a sense of purpose and a chance to get their voices heard.

    So... for just 79p... download the single. At least 50p of that will go to charity and, most importantly, it'll give this lot the place in the charts that they deserve.…451 Download for 79p |…y=9 Buy the CD for £2.99

    Remember that you can get 10% (~30p) cashback from QuidCo if you buy the CD at no extra cost to the Zimmers so the CD works out at about £2.70. Both the CD and the download will add to their chart success!!

    They also have a cafepress shop for T-Shirts, badges and other "The Zimmers" rock memorabilia!…ers Click here.

    C'mon. Spare a little.


    when was this documentry on?
    was it earlioer this week?

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    It was on Monday at 9pm.

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    Flogging a (nearly dead) horse there mate - based on the first few days of sales, the single isn't even in the Top 100. :whistling:

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    Flogging a (nearly dead) horse there mate - based on the first few days … Flogging a (nearly dead) horse there mate - based on the first few days of sales, the single isn't even in the Top 100. :whistling:

    How do you know that??


    How do you know that??

    I pay attention to these things! ;-)

    However, that was based on Monday's sales only and therefore before the documentary aired - I've just read an update as of yesterday they've got to number 38! :-D

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    Yeah, apparantly there isn't too much in it once you get nearer the top. I only really posted because they seemed so disappointed about it in their interviews. :giggle:

    Is there a site where you can track sales of singles throughout the week? I heard that it was against the UK-TOP40 rules.

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    Ah... right. Ok. Gotcha mate. Seems they're 31 based on yesterday's midweek.

    If they can pull sales up that much at the beginning of the week then imagine what they can do in the next few days.

    what was the name of the program - anyone got a tv guide?

    i will see if its repeated or downloadable...

    ive just cheked my space and that buster plumber bloke is a member! he made me laugh on the news a while back for refusing to take retirement

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    It was called "Power to the People".

    There's a signed version during the night (2.30am I think) on 13th June.

    Zimmers are at #25 in today's midweeks...

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    Wahoo!! Keep crawling up guys!!

    Did you know that if they get in the Top 10 then they get a full album deal?? :giggle:

    ]Ahem, sorry just clearing my throat :oops:
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