Theatre / musical help!

    I am looking for a theatre show i can take my little boy to for his birthday he will be 7 a pantomine like snow white or peter pan would be good well something like that anyway in the midlands if poss any advice on where best to go and best place to purchase tickets from would be great as dont really go to the theatre much so a bit of a novice lol




    you can also try at work on the benefits portal.. as we get major discounts to the theatre.

    also work bulletin board sometime throws up tickets that people no longer need...

    gruffalo was a new one in london... might be up there too?

    bit late now for pantos - still a few up to 1st feb - see below

    look at what you did miss - £30 for the night - bargain - loads of fun - if you are interested it might be worth ringing for any cancellations -…spx

    What does Science Night include?

    * Experienced Staff who will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event
    * Materials for hands-on workshops
    * Breakfast
    * Overnight accommodation sleeping amongst the Science Museum's objects
    * A 3D IMAX film

    Not sure if its on at the moment, but chitty chitty bang bang would be a good one


    lion king is meant to be spiffing great

    Cats is brilliant,
    Lion King really good
    Chitty also - very suitable for a 7 year old.

    Check your local theatre listings - ours does special kids shows on a regular basis. My son has been going since he was tiny. First panto he was 6 months old and either slept or watched the whole thing. Never cried or wimpered or anything (didnt clap either tho!!)
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