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Found 12th May 2006
Hey folks, I've just ordered for the first time from thehut, a box set and a single DVD. The box set arrived today with a packing slip but there's no sign of the DVD, the packing slip shows the box set only although my online order shows the DVD as well.

Is this normal practice to separate the items or has something gone missing? The package doesn't show anything like "1 of 2" and it's not been tampered with, the fact the packing slip shows the box set only confirms that.

Thanks for any help!


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Give them a call:

01606 334077 - this is the geographical telephone number, which would be cheaper than the +44 (0) 8702 408 956 one. (Got it from [color=blue]saynoto0870.com[/color])

They do send out items as seperate orders, so it's nothing to worry about. I guess it makes it easier for them to have one size packaging. But no harm in calling them to confirm it.

yeh, sometimes they seperate orders, sometimes sent it together. a bit weird really. could call, or wait till 2moz, and see. did you get the email? coz the despatch email should say what shouldve been posted in the package. if both are on the same email, might wanna ring them up. else wait for a day or so, before

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Thanks for the helpful posts, that's reassuring - I'll see if anything comes over the next couple of days.

The confirmation e-mail definitely had the right items, just seems strange to split it.


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Nothing to worry about - the other item arrived today, odd that they'd be a day apart since they were sent at the same time but glad both arrived fine.

Thanks again for the helpful replies.

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