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Found 3rd Feb 2009
How reliable are they for delivering ON release day?

Never ordered from them before.

Am I better off ordering from or Gameplay?

Have ordered from ASDA-Entertainment which is a "White label" Hut store but never ordered from TheHut directly.

Many Thanks.

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I still remember pre-ordering from The Hut. From my experiences they're very good with standard orders and you'll get your game within 3 working days but for pre-orders I've found them to be not as reliable.

For example, I ordered PES 2009 and it came on Tuesday (after it being released on Friday). I had to send them an email on Thursday asking why it wasn't dispatched that day and they apologised and got it sent on Friday (the release date). I won't be pre-ordering from them again.

Had my Tropic Thunder Blu-Ray come through on the Thursday before release (was due the following monday), so no complaints from me :thumbsup:

I ordered Dark Knight Blu Ray and got it 4 days before release - so thumps up for me.


Rubbish for me,ordered the new football manager game for my bf ready for 4th nov as an early anniversary prezzi (pre-ordered about a month earlier) Never showed up on the day, so two days later went and bought it in town with the intention of sending it back to the hut when it came. Never got the game, and only just got my refund from them about 2 weeks ago!! From November! Shocking, the customer service team are a joke too
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