THEINTOY using Protx secure server.

    Has anyone used this toysite before..and if so what where your experiences, they have some great pokemon stuff that I'd like to get but I've never heard of it before

    Thanks in advance

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    They appear to be based at
    9 Church Road
    L15 9EA

    Church Road in Wavertree is a shopping area, so I think it is probably legit, but suspect it is only a small shop. I live about 20 minutes from the shop.

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    That's the one.....

    Just looked at the faqs pages and found out some info...I should have spent a bit more time looking before asking for help:oops:

    Thankyou Predikuesi (rep added)

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    Just an update..I ordered at 12.00 on Tuesday and the order arrived the following morning. I am very pleased with the service and goods.
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