Them Pesky eBay Sellers

    Just wondering which deal is it (other then VERY or any catalogue) that is offering £30 off a £60+ purchase ?

    I'm guessing that the sellers on eBay have got their info from this website, but are choosing to SELL the information from 99p upto £17.00

    I think it absolutely stinks that they are allowed to sell this on.

    I did email one seller and they said it wasn't any catalogue at all


    if people are daft or not savvy enough to realise they can get the info for nothing, then to be honest hell mend them.

    anyone who pays on ebay for "information" needs their head examined.

    I think it absolutely stinks that they are allowed to sell this on.

    They are not allowed but unless you want to sit and report them all they generally slip through the net.

    The fault lies with the buyer though if they aren't savvy enough to work it out.

    Don't see a problem really, seller makes some money, buyer saves up to £30, store gets another sale.

    As stated some (and I would say a lot) of people don't know how to search or can't be bothered.

    I personally have never seen a problem with buying and selling for a profit (and that includes here). If the buyer and seller are happy with the transaction what's it got to do with anyone else?

    Original Poster

    Its the way they word their titles that are quite annoying...

    Well it's up to the buyers really. If people buy the info then it's thier money. If people are willing to fork out for such information then it's thier choice.

    The sellers will still have to put the time in to list anyway.

    This stuff happens all the time, just in more discrete ways.
    A man's junk can be another man's treasure...


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