Theme Park Question

    Hi everyone,

    Looking to go to a theme park next week. Which do you think is the best. I'm thinking mainly in terms of best rides, easiest to get to (from London, no car), and least queus (going mid week)?

    Anyone got any good experiences?

    Thanks for all suggestions


    direct from london,with no car,you are maybe as well to just go to disney paris on the train?

    its half term next week so they might be busy

    half term its open but busy. however, if not half term most theme parks are closed mid week,

    op what age group are we looking for?

    Original Poster

    Just me and a friend so 26-28.

    Damn I forgot about half term, that sucks!

    May have to think of something else fun to do

    Original Poster

    Ok, I still think I am going to go.
    Thiking of Thorp Park, and a Fast Track ticket to beat those pesky kids to the rides.

    ANyone been to Thorpe Park? Did you enjoy it? Did you use the Fast Track Tickets? Were they worth it?

    I go to thorpe park a few times a year its brilliant, fast track is worth it there was a voucher on here for buy 1 get 1 free entry and a free fasttrack to saw the ride but don't know the restriction dates not sure if you can use it in half term week

    Thorpe Park fright night is good. Should be on around this time.

    Will be extremely packed though
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