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    I have my theory test next week, and feel unsure about the hazard perception part.

    If anyone who has recently passed theres, or if you know about theory tests, even the question part would be great if anyone had any advice (about the theory in general), personal experiences or have help to give.




    Get the CD rom thingy from amazon. The one made by the DSA is almost 100% accurate to the one you will use on the day, if you can pass on this you will pass on the day.

    The Hazard perception is all about looking out for hazards before they happen. do 2 clicks when you think you have spotted a hazard. Its not difficult if you understand where a hazard could occur. The one I fell down on was where a cyclist ran out into my path cos a white van man opened his door as the cyclist was passing.

    Sorry, can't help u as I did my test a week before the written test came out - ut good luck with it next week x

    yes there are cd's available which will be a definate help. my driving instructor even helped out with those.

    good luck! you'll do fine.

    Just keep clicking. You will get points knocked off but you have to click a **** load for that to happen. Just click anytime appears that may be hazardous

    :)you can have a practice here…htm
    try to stay calm and you will do fine gl xx

    I aquired the Cds off the internet. Althoguh they didnt really help with hazzard perception.

    You just need to keep any eye on the screen. when you see a hazzard ( car pulling out, someone stepping out from behind a car, sheep running across the road) click the mouse.

    With the home CDs i was seeing hazzards in the distance, i would click and on the summary it didnt register as i saw them " too early". So a tip is, when you see a hazzard (if its a little in the distance), click once count to 2 then click again just incase. The score registers the first score so dont worry. But clicking all the time will cause that senario to give you 0 points

    If you wanna ask anything else, drop me a PM

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    Thankss all for all your help, i found a cd from 05/06 maybe a bit old but gives me an idea, thanks for the replies will consider them when i pass lol

    if i can find my cd i will send it out to you if you want it, i did mine last year found it easy, i found reading the books the best as most of the questions are easy so if you find the ones your unsure about and go over them you shouldnt have a problem and when you have finished go back and look through your answers again, when i had finshed my theory test there were a few questions i was unsure about so i re read them changed a few and i only got 1 wrong

    I passed mine back in may time and the real hazard was a bit different to the discs, as it was a pit picky on too many clicks, having only clicked 5 times and it being null scored for excessive clicking.

    Just click on any little hazard you think there could be, click again if it starts to turn into a hazard and click still if the hazard is contiueing. I'm sure you will be fine though, its quite easy to get the hang of.

    I just clicked whenever something moved and passed, they try to scare you by saying you lose point for clicking too much.

    tbh the hazard perception dvds and cds are rubbish, they don't really simulate the actual test. Well the three that I tried didn't anyway.
    Best advice I can give you is to click when you see a hazard, and remember not to double click.

    I double clicked on my 2nd slide and had it disallowed but still passed.

    It's really not that bad mate, i'm sure you'll do fine
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