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Just wondering, how long does it usually take to do a theory test? also, is it really necessary to take your paper counterpart with you? cheers.

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I did the new one ( well the motorbike one but its all the same really) a few months back and completed the questions in about 6 mins but took about 8 for the hazard as you cant skip through that

Got 1 question wrong on the questions and missed about 10 points on hazard

Yeah you gotta have the counterpart - why have you lost it ?
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Yes you need the counterpart or they won't let you take the test.

The questions are extremely similar (if not identical) to the ones that are on the practice CDs, so make sure you've used them to practice for the test.

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Cool, thanks guys. Yep, have lost tje paper counter part, and it sucks balls, because tje website makes no mention of the requirenent until after you've booked.

YES YOU NEED THE COUNTERPART - i forgot to take mine travelled all the way to southport and they refused to let me do the test

also about on average 45-1hr x

Yes, it says on the letter that you get confirming the appointment that you need the paper version - should only take about 30 mins max unless there's a hold-up at the centre.

Good luck, I am booking mine tonight for the end of the month, eek!!

I took my theory test at the end of last December.

My partner booked it for me and said she didn't untick the pass plus box, total test cost £50+

The pass plus enables you take the test 3 times if you only fail the theory questions (hazard test not included)

but.... you have to log on to the dvla theory site, complete 1000 questions (90% correct) and 10 mock tests to qualify for the retests. The site has 10 mock hazard perception example tests as well.

The questions are in categorys and if you get any of them incorrect (you get told the answer in the final summary) you can reanswer them at any time to increase your overall percentage.

When I went for the test I found the questions were identical to the site and the answers where in the exact place as the site.

Because of this I got 100% (50/50) and got though the questions very quick.

The hazard part, when I took i was unsure about the marking method!

They was 13 clips with one main hazard 1 clip with two main hazards.

Each main hazard awards you with 5 maximum points and you need 44 points to pass.

The overall score is your individual points for each test added together.

Click for any potentinal hazards reclick when they become a hazard you would have to slow / maneuverr for.

On the double clip I nearly missed the second hazard (as it was right at the end of the clip and you don't know if it will be a single hazard or double).

I scored 7 for the clip probally 4 or 5 for the first and 2 or three for the second, even with the possible low 2 you pass as long as you get good scores in the others.

I scored 62/75

6 clips of 5
4 clips of 4
double clip 7

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i got my theory test tomorrow and cant find my counter part. could any one advice if they would allow me to take the test.

As far as I know they don't. They turned someone away when I went for mine.


i got my theory test tomorrow and cant find my counter part. could any … i got my theory test tomorrow and cant find my counter part. could any one advice if they would allow me to take the test.

I would make some phone calls in the morning to enquire, call your driving instructer aswell he /she might have took a photocopy of your counterpart to allow you to drive, may/may not work.
I know it would be short notice but you could try re-arranging test for a later date, but probably not

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