Therapist / Psych of any variety required

    :-( To deal with addiction to this site. Online only please. Under £50 per hour + Quidco


    OK, Listen to me carefully.
    Bottom left of your monitor you will see the 'start' button, click on it:-

    Then you will see a 'turn off computer/shut down' button:-

    Click on that button and then go and do the Housework.

    That will be £25.00, no Quidco I'm afraid. lol

    well there offline maybe it has worked steve


    well there offline maybe it has worked steve

    WOW, that was quick. Maybe I undercharged them if it works that well. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    NO, don't do this!!! This therapist doesn't know how severe your addiction is!!!
    When you go to shut down, the feeling of loss seems managable.
    The screen then goes grey, fear starts to spread through your body,you walk away......... within minutes your palms start to run back to the computer!!!
    You get there....your child has logged on to their MSN and your session is definately over as you know they will be on for ages!!!!!!

    What you need to do is
    1) Set your alarm for the morning half hour before you usually get up. Toddle down the stairs, log on and hey presto, spend a relaxing half hour interrupted.
    2) Walk away. I know its hard but just DO IT!! Leave the computer on.I said WALK AWAY!
    3) Before leaving for work, spend a quick minute just checking that nothing new has come on the boards. This allows a feeling of 'being in control'.
    4) If you are lucky enough not to have your sites monitored in work, log in there too. This stops the shakes mid afternoon.
    5) Ring home just prior to leaving work to tell your family you are expecting an important mail and will NEED the computer THE SECOND you get in.
    6) Arrive home to log in.....yes, this feeling of having finished work for the day to come home to your beloved HUKD is overwhelming but keep it together.
    7) Throughout the night, keep checking back as there always seems to be someone on this site at any time of day or night!
    Start the process again!

    There lies the only way to deal with your addiction. Hope this helps x x x
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