There isnt a postal strike on is there?

    Postman hasnt been on our street for the last 3 days wtf


    I thought the same, as havn't seen our postie since Saturday , but he has just been about 15 mins ago (_;)

    We have had post last few days and have had some this morning too


    Just lazy Royal Mail workers. Watched a program about them earlier, if they can't strike, they'll deliberately work really slowly.

    Original Poster

    it looks like hes not coming today either



    it looks like hes not coming today either

    Are you waiting for a delivery?

    i had post everyday so far (he usually turns up about 1pm though lol), try calling up your local postal depot? =]

    Must be a regional issue. I've received post at work and home every day.


    Hum I've never had post on a Sunday.

    We only got our post at about 1 this afternoon
    Sometimes we get it at 10, once we got it at 5!

    monday and tuesday mail this week was very very low this week, then loads today.
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