There was a deal for free limited company house

Posted 9th Oct
Few months ago there was a deal on HUKD about opening a limited company for free, not able to find it...

any remembers ?
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Don't know about the hukd, but seems to work Here

Just followed it through and it looks like £29.99, though they do advertise it as free.
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that's one of the rip off sites

£10. But £10 is only the start. You have lots of other expenses. If £10 is a problem, ltd company probably is not the vehicle you think it is…ees
Don't recall seeing a deal nor discussion on freebie ltd co formation. Considering the mandatory CH filing fees it is unlikely that a freebie formation service would not be somehow tied to other related and chargeable service obligations.
There is a limited co run by a sole trader (interesting combination) that offers to form ltd co's at 99p a hit but not clear of other linked financial commitments; it may simply be a loss-leading sweetener intro to (optional?) chargeable accountancy services:…-us
I am pretty sure there was a thread saying you can create it for free and it went really hot...

There were comments saying don't open a company for sake of it...

I only want to read the comments on that post...

Thanks everyone
If you see a deal/thread/topic you like you can click on the 'Save for later'. Then click on your profile and it's stored under 'Saved threads'
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