thermal bath spa in erm bath ..anyone been ?


    Has anyone been to this natural thermal bath spa in bath - i went to pammukale in turkey
    ( which was amazing) and they had these natural warm baths there and I really enjoyed it and want to try this out- anyone ever been and reccomendations on it etc and any good 40 - 50 pound or cheaper decent hotel rooms near by with parking as I think driving there will be cheaper than train ( unless you guys know of any deals on )


    The spa is great. I would recommend it. As for hotels, check out the usual sites. There are no cheap hotels. A B&B is about £60-£70 for a cheap one for a night. You will be lucky to find any parking, and driving around the city is a nightmare, particularly at weekends. If you have any other option, I would not try to park and drive around the city.

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    ahh thanks for that how long did you spend in there ...not sure if to go for 2 or 4 hours ..

    I had two hours in the Therma Spa and it was well worth it, would have stayed longer given the option.

    We stayed in a B&B and parking was a nightmare.

    We usually use the park and ride up at the racecourse but the last few times we tried it has been full up. Never had any problem parking in town though but it's usually short stay only if you can get a space.
    I think Choc on here lives/works in Bath. I'm sure she'll be along soon to steer you in the right direction.


    park and ride on the outskirts of Bath as town centre parking is dog poop, new shopping area now and some great shopping... and some culture too, not sure about the Spa Place expensive but good beans

    I thought that choc lived in Bristol??

    Anyway, we have stayed in Bradford-on-Avon which has B&B's, enough parking and good fast train links to Bath. It's a nice place in its own right and the pub grub is good.
    Don't know about the spa - not my sort of thing - I know it over-ran and cost loads to build!!
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