Found 6th Oct 2008
My Thermostat is playing up. Doesn't work very well at the best of times, often have to take off the cover and knock it a bit to get it working. its a british gas branded RS2 (ACL Drayton (Invensys) RTS2 Room Thermostat I believe).

I've had enough of it and want something better. I'd love a digital, programmable thermostat - but theres a lot out there and no idea what ways to differentiate them.

I'd like it to be simple (keep the house at X temperature). I'm not sure that we've got zoning - so theres no need for overly complex systems. Would be nice to have a "holiday" mode so the house can be brought back up to temperature before we get back.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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Couple of years ago I replaced our "dial" thermostat with a digital one. The main thing to look out for is how the existing one is wired.

You could consider something like this (Also included a link to the pdf on the screwfix website for more info)…tat…pdf
thanks, that looks just right - exactly what i was looking for.
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