Thermostatic Shower problem


    I took shower in the morning and everything was ok. After bath, when I tried to switch the shower (thermostatic) off, the red light (on the shower) went off but the hot water is still coming from the shower. And the on\off button seem to be no longer working.

    What could be wrong? How can I fix it? Atleast stop the water?

    Called up the plumber and his phone is going to voicemail as usual!!

    Any help is most welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


    I assume it has a kind of solenoid valve?

    Did you try pulling the power cord that supplys the shower or turn off the breaker in the fuse board it should then at least turn off the pump/solenoid and stop the water?

    Should be an isolator in the water pipe inlet. From shower follow pipe back untill you see it. Normally a screwdriver slot you quarter turn to stop water. Google.. 15mm isolator.. so you know what to look for. Hope it's not above or at back of cupboard where it's hard to get at. Turn power off to shower with switch or it should be marked on fuse board so turn off there. Flick switch to turn off power. Get a plumber as it maybe cheaper to get new shower. Triton showers will send a man for a fixed price for £130 ish which is another option if you have a Triton shower. They also give a warranty for a few months after I think. Other shower manufacturers do the same fix offer

    It sounds like the on/off switch on the shower has failed. As arachnoid says turning it off at the pull cord or back at the fuseboard should depower the solenoid and stop the water flowing. Then you'll have to repair or replace the shower unit.

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    Thx for all the replies. Switching the power off and on fixed it. Why, I don't know.
    Hope doesn't happen again.

    It could be the solenoid is failing Id suggest looking in to replacing the shower if it occurs again
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