These ebay discount codes that keep popping up. Which next?

Found 10th Jun
Which countries ebay sites do them? I know the Italian and US ones have done them recently, so wondering which is likely to be next, or if indeed the UK one will get a good one.

Need to purchase the item I'm after in the next 2 weeks.
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No one except eBay will know, we have had a couple, so have other countries.
If you search for ebay 20% on here there has been about 5 or 6 UK specific ones, sometimes two a year.
Just keep on checking all eBay sites like crazy for the next few weeks. It's possible that something might happen in July to counter Prime Day
Turns out the Austrakian one is doing 11% today. Great!
We had a 20% off ebay wide code in December 2017. When's the next one?
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