These Eurovox/Dreambox etc. Thingys...

    Basically I'm looking to get one of the boxes that you can use with your virgin media cable to recieve loads of channels as my PVR is just playing up yet again (not recieving certain channels).

    Just wanted to know which box is the best one to get, how I would be able to use it if theres already a Virgin Media box using the cable (it's in my old dear's room but my room is next to it) so would it be a case of just running a cable through?

    What channels are available? Are the boxes easily "found out", as I'm sure Virgin don't want people using these boxes with their cables?

    And finally am I allowed to discuss this on here or is it against forum rules?


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    :)dont no if its allowed but for disscusion sake ,we use a wireless didgi sender eurovox is down stairs in living room along with a digi sender and eye and a have the uther didgi sender in my bedroom means i take the remote control to bed and can watch the eurovox upstairs and dont have to run down stairs to switch chanels,takes all about 15mins to set both up only chanels you dont get are the box office ones hope that helps xx
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