These tablets look interesting...

Saw these on firebox (plenty on ebay though) and they seem interesting for a mess around with.…ets


good if they work!!

How bizarre

Whats the point, I wouldnt enjoy eating a lemon if it was sweet!

Mind you I dont enjoy eating them sour either LOL

gonna order some for the wedding!..... :thumbsup:


gonna order some for the wedding!..... :thumbsup:

what wedding??


what wedding??

Kippy....... havent u heard?.... Mr Go-Dutch-Go and me are gonna make Go of it! ;-) ... FrollickingFrill is doing a grand job organising it... and u are hereby cordially invited:)

Titchimp, have you tried the tablets?...

whooot?? and i missed out? omg really? didnt know you guys were an item all along! when is it ... just the month will do, hon! PM PM

sorry to hijack thread.

I saw this fruit on the news a couple of weeks ago, said it was a pricey thing but great for cooks as it made quite boring recipes taste spectacular. Selling for lots of money.
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