These were massively hot deals in UK during the Thatcher Era , fantastic deals then, free money too!

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Found 28th Sep 2008
You know in the eighties these Thatcherism was the hottest deal in UK and millions of people in UK had benefitted enormously but look at what had happened to these hot deals lately. From the WIKI ; "Thatcherism" is supposedly characterized by decreased state intervention via the free market economy, monetarist economic policy, privatisation of state-owned industries, lower direct taxation and higher indirect taxation, opposition to trade unions, and a reduction of the size of the Welfare State. "Thatcherism" may be compared with Reaganomics in the United States, Rogernomics in New Zealand and Economic Rationalism in Australia . Thatcher was deeply in favour of individualism over collectivism, with self-help as a mantra.

Now look at the hot deals from the legacy of Thatcherism and Reganomics :-

1) Tons of people had free shares in Halifax, Abbey Nationa, Woolwich, Halifax, Bradford and Bingley, Northern Rock....look at what happened to them in contrast to Nationwide which is still a member society. Look at what happened to Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae.
2) Tons of people also benefitted from the privatisation of the publicly owned utlities, national rail....look at who owns most of them now!
3) Look at the amount of indiect taxation , there are over 30 different types of taxes.
4) And the self help mantra of that monetarism, looks like some people have self helped themseives to trillions of dollars , euro and pounds , that why ordinary folks have to pay those trillions back in years to come to break even!


OP, why not join the Labour party and try to teach them the meaning of socialism

I don't think you have to teach the Labour Party about Socialism; they told everyone at the time that Thatcher & the Conservative Party were essentially 'buying' votes. Well, as we now know, there is no such thing as 'trickle-down' economics and it is the opportunity of the the rich to get richer.

What we should be striving for is an electorate that demands a fairer society and a Government that protects the vulnerable rather then pander to cult of the individual because it is those with money who will always win.

It should be less about political parties and us as an electorate demanding better governance and a fairer deal for all.


I loved Margaret Thatcher :oops:


Good point, well said.....

now please go and see a psychiatrist



Good point, well please go and see a psychiatrist

Ok :oops:

I watched a documentry on MT in her early years recently and she actually warned us of what would happen under socialism all of which has come to pass now.
All the taxes that we have direct or indirect have been managed by the Labour gov.
It was Thatcher who kept the EU wolves in line but Blair who sold us out so that we pay more in taxes to subsidise European farmers and corporates than any other country in the community.
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