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Found 4th Sep 2006
Just come accross thetechguys.comthetechguys.com a new service launched today from the Dixons group...

They offer everything from data recovery to help with going digital.

They offer an instore service or home service - seems that its only around Nottingham at the moment.

Wonder if it'll take off?
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of course it will take off....there are so many gullible/techno-phobic people out there willing to pay national rate to listen to a supposedly all-knowing 'tech guy' to run through a list of generic instructions.... 1: have u checked the fuse. 2: is the socket turned on. 3: are you awake? etc etc...by running this service isnt Dixons group admitting the products they stock are too complicated for a mass market consumer !?!? what a joke. its utterly appauling, tech support should be free until all gadgets/products are made simple enough for everyone to use.
BT are also offering a service like this called home advisor. There's obviously a market for this but unfortunately the customers will be people who don't know any better.
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