They Gonna Taste Grrrrreeeeaaattt!!

    AAAARRGGHH!!! I been struck with the disease that is The Frosties Kid, stuck in my head for awhile now, i advise all of you to go to and search for the frosties kid or frosties advert, their is literally loads of spoofs of it but the damn tune is killing me, it has to be the worst advert EVER!……gif

    Oh and i hear there has been rumours spreading the net like fire about the kid being dead, but as none of the media have mentioned anything about it i am guessing it is just a rumour.

    HELP ME!!!

    They gonna taste great, oh yeah! They gonna tas..........doh!


    Yeah, I heard that rumour too, topped himself cos of the shame.
    But no.. he is alive and well and living in South Africa, so the radio told me.

    Some of those different versions are quite funny, and some are well, bad.

    After reading this, I keep beginning to whistle it :roll: Ugh and it's nearly as bad as the Confused dot com ad


    Have you seen the new advert yet?
    Love it or hate it?

    It's going to taste great!!!!

    For those who haven't seen it: ]http//ww…9IY

    Original Poster

    *coughs* ]http//ww…956 *coughs* :x

    Sorry, my fault - late at night! Although never a valid excuse I know!

    "I can hear the sound of Frosties hitting my plate!"

    Now, correct me if I am wrong, but no where in that advert are there Frosties hitting a plate! They are all eating them out of a bowl!

    Can understand why they made that slight correction though!

    "They're gonna taste fowl, I can hear the sound of Frosites hitting my bowl!"

    (Artistic license is used to the max there!)

    It is one of the worst adverts ever, but it's "catchy". You don't want to hear it/sing it, but if you hear someone else do something like hum it, you will automatically think of it! Very clever. Just like the Budweiser "WAAAASSSSSUP!" ad! Hands up all of you who answered your mobile with "WAAAAAASSSSUP!" when you had a mate calling you!

    Back to the Frosites ad, all the advertsing and marketing muppets must be rolling around in money and laughing all the way to the bank!

    I can see it now, all in a meeting room 9am on a Monday morning.

    We need a new ad, who has some ideas?

    Well, we can take Tony's "Grrrreat!" and expand on it, by just thinking of as many words as we can that rhyme with "great"!

    Fantastic idea!

    Plate, mate (x2), wait, pirate, date, (empire) state, (personalised number) plate and crate.

    If I was the boss of Kellogs, I would be handing out P45's to the Advertising and Marketing team as if they were confetti when I heard they had come up with that!
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