Thin 32" HD TV for Bedroom

    Hi all - I am looking for a cheap HD TV for a bedroom. Hoping to capitalise on any Black Friday deals.
    It needs to be as thin as possible as the bedroom isn't huge and the TV will be wall mounted as a way to save space. Essentially it will be wall mounted at the foot of the bed, so would need flush to allow someone to walk past easily without it jutting out from the wall.

    Spotted the Sharp 32" Tesco deal at £119 but it is out of stock now.

    Nothing majorly fancy needed. HD (even 720p would be fine, 1080 even better!) built in Freeview would be a bonus too - minimum 2 x HDMI and also USB are essential (will be streaming to it either via Android box or Fire Stick).

    Anything out there? Been looking for a while now. Massive thanks in advance for any help!

    Cheers guys.


    Mounting close to wall is fine however the connections tend to stick out. You need to make room for this by removing part of the wall I have found. All the tvs I have hung. 3 of... I have had to make a packer for bracket to allow room for the tv Conections

    Have you looked in Ebay got some good deals now new tvs good luck anyway

    Sony's WD75 is 6cm thick.

    I bought a 32" Blaupunkt from Tesco in last year Black Friday deal.
    Its amazing. Connects the computer so it becomes a monitor as well.
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