things for free

    here are some things i have i have been doing a clear out at since am so nice have things for free if any one wants them??

    i have 2 x bags of card making scraps,(paper, ribbon, stickers etc)
    1x bag of cards i have made, that arnt finshes maybe or that i dont like lol, but they are nice am jsut fussy
    1 bag of american style brown paper bags for scarp book making

    any 1 intsersted post here?


    nice of you

    awwww bless you are so lovely , can you not put them on ebay ?

    i am interested on the cards and brown bags but i would give you something for them how much would you like x

    Original Poster

    i dont need anything for it dont worry!! what would u like??

    well i actually tried to start making my own cards but it didnt really work out , so if i could have the cards you have partly done then that would be great , might give me some ideas on what to do x how much do you think postage will be i will send it through paypal x

    very kind of you, Thank you...+rep left

    Thats really kind of you. =]
    I'm interested in the card making scraps.
    Do you want anything for postage?

    Original Poster

    ok all send on scrap bag and brown bags and cards to mostwanted, u can give £2 for postage if you want, you dont have to
    and itts meyou cna have the other scarps and you cna give me £1 for postage if you want, you dont have to, you too pm me with addresse and all send them 2moro, my paypal is [email protected] if you need it

    thats all my freebies for the moment people!!!

    I'd edit out your email addy from that last post - never good to post it in a public forum unless you really like spam.

    Original Poster

    haha nae my emial just my paypal email so dina care haha!!, only think that will come is people giving me money LOL

    thanks i will send cash now and pm you my addressx

    Original Poster

    ok all get another one, send me your address

    Thats really nice of you Shells, Especially since recently a certain few members wern't being very nice to you before...........

    ive sent the cash through paypal thanks again rep added x

    Original Poster

    ok ave recieved yoor cash, im sorry i didnt have timeto post today i shall post tomorow peoplesoka!!

    I also got one of thoses baby essentials boxes from tesco today, inside there was a baby record book, would any one like it??? its only a huggies paper back one but i have no use for it...??

    id also like everyone who recieves things from me to let me know if its oka and if it was usaulful too you? xxx

    Is it just a book, or baby freebies too?

    Original Poster

    just the book

    ok thanks, your very kind. im inundated with baby books at mo x

    repped for kindness.
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